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100% Plant Material Extracts Cactus Extract Repair Radiation-resistant
Item #:
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 05 April, 2017.
Price: $19.65

Free Shopping 100% Plant Material Extracts Cactus Extract Repair Radiation-resistant Whitening Skin Care

  • [Product name]cactus extract
  • [Packaging Specifications]: 10ml (glass bottles);
    30ml (glass bottles);
    100ml (glass bottle);
    250ml (plastic bottle);
    500ml (plastic bottle);
  • [English name]CACTUS EXTRACT
  • Use add quantity: 5-10%
  • [Ingredients]Flavonoids Flavonoids, which are, Polysaocharides polysaccharide, Amino acid, Amino acids Cactin KaiYin division, has excellent moisturizing and whitening pale spot.
  • 3. Raw material: add temperature below 35 degrees.
  • Need to know:
  • 1. Moisturizing activating toner: it is recommended that use 3 ~ 5).
  • 2. Tighten activating gel or mask: suggested use 5 ~ 8).
  • 3. The anti-aging cream or tight nourishing cream: suggest use 2 ~ 5).
  • Interpretation of the cactus
  • The cactus also known as fairy slap, goddess of mercy. Around the world, at least more than 2000 kinds of alternaria alternata North America and South America, especially in Mexico is rich in cactus, known as the "kingdom of cactus", in recent years, our country from Mexico introduced the fine species of cactus cultivation, development and utilization. Cactus plants except with unique ornamental value, more can be used as food (vegetable, fruits), health care and medicinal etc. Cactus is a desert oasis, even in the severe water shortage desert fluid still abundant, green, vitality.
  • Cactus is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids. Essential, including nearly all essential amino acids in the skin. Cactus extract to improve skin quality, and good antioxidant effect. The cactus invigorate the circulation, runchang purge gas, detoxification detoxification, is a food can promote the metabolism of human body. Is known as radiation stars, whether put, edible has very good radiation effect.
  • Cactus to the skin and is a great help filling water, water storage function of the body. Like aloe vera, it leaves the rich water super glue mucilage, the colloidal mucus is essence, regular consumption can lubricate the skin, long elastic. It's different from aloe, aloe vera is a cloudy, very cold; Cactus is not so cold. Medicine thinks, the cactus has high medicinal value, its taste experience, into the heart, lungs, stomach, classics, has invigorate the circulation of qi and qingrejiedu, the effect of the scattered stasis detumescence. Attending heart stomach pain, a lump in the abdomen, diarrhea, cough, sore throat, lung, breast carbuncle, furuncle, very hot fire wound and snake injury, etc. These in the past dynasties literature and folk literature of traditional Chinese medicine has been recorded, cactus treatment of peptic ulcer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, skin papillary carcinoma, such as frostbite has obvious curative effect. Recently, scientists have found a cactus contains ten thousand a variety of nutrients, has moisturizing effect in skin care and increase skin elasticity, the ingredients of KaiYin court material, can activate dermal fibroblasts in the organization, and, in turn, produce collagen, postpone skin aging.
  • Cactus has qingrejiedu, on the wound good anti-inflammatory effects such as acne, whitening and soothes for skin can be assisted, can make the skin after sun get calm let skin quickly returned to normal. In cactus in the region, people said the cactus fruit: "this is a strange fruit, not only taste delicious, but also is good for your health. If every day can eat cactus fruit words, people will get good genes of nourish and repair, life also can increase abruptly, people would like cactus, tenacious resistance, is not afraid of the objective external environment, the influence of the human body are also less susceptible to disease."
  • Hyaluronic acid anti-aging activating moisturizing essence
  • Hyaluronic acid is a kind of mucopolysaccharide that exists in real leather, also known as biochemical uronic acid or hyaluronic acid, it has to be good water imbibition, moisturizing effect is very strong, can say is the most powerful moisturizing factor in the maintenance of components, the molecules of hyaluronic acid can be combined with about five hundred times of water molecules, used in moisturizers, not only can keep skin moisture, and external environment of water molecules can be caught, let skin long protect wet state. Hyaluronic acid texture quite stick-slip, as long as a small amount of has the very good effect, many commercially available high-grade essence will add hyaluronic acid composition, you can touch his forefinger and thumb take essence rub each other to do the test, if you feel the slip, the longer the slippery degrees will disappear, said added hyaluronic acid content is higher.
  • Green tea extract is rich in polyphenols ingredient, is a kind of very good free radical scavenger and antioxidant effect, is anti-aging and anti-oxidation, in addition, green tea polyphenols, vitamin C, E and theophylline composition can whiten skin, promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, prevent skin edema, to tighten the skin, the plastic is also very helpful.
  • Cactus extract essence dew has moisturizing effect in skin care and increase skin elasticity, etc, the composition of KaiYin court material, can activate dermal fibroblasts in the organization, and, in turn, produce collagen, delay the ageing of the skin, is an old live skin care product essential ingredients; At the same time, the cactus contains yellow alkali element can absorb ultraviolet light, is a natural sunscreen ingredients, can reduce uv damage to skin!
  • This is a very advanced moisturizing essence, can match with the series of hyaluronic acid anti-aging activating moisturizing cream is used, to obtain a better effect.
  • Suitable skin types: all kinds of skin, moisturizing anti-aging.
  • Main material (finished goods total of 50 ml)
  • Hyaluronic acid 1% concentrate 5 ml
  • Green tea extract essence dew 2 ml
  • Cactus extract essence dew 3 ml
  • Bulgarian rose pure water 40 ml (or other pure dew)
  • Efficient complex configuration antibacterial 0.1 ml (i.e., 2 drops)
  • Method:
  • 1. First the beaker, measuring cup, measuring spoon, glass rod, empty bottles, all appliances with 75% of medical alcohol washing disinfection, will be discarded after a small amount of alcohol in a container shaking, repeated twice or three times, the appliance to dry naturally. Please don't use a paper towel, towel to wipe, if is a very quick temper MM, can use the microwave drying. (before the operation, and don't forget to put your hand wash! In addition, please be sure to alcohol, such as dry again after the operation, so as not to cause alcohol allergy, has happened before, remember oh!)
  • 2. Add 40 ml Bulgaria rose pure water into the beaker, add green tea extract essence dew 2 ml, cactus extract essence dew 3 ml to mix in the beaker.
  • 3. The efficient distribution of antibacterial agent 0.1 ml about 2 drops to join in the beaker, stirring with a glass rod.
  • 4. Add the hyaluronic acid 1% concentrate 5 ml beaker, stir to mix well with a glass rod can bottle after use.
  • Method of use:
  • Can direct smear on face and any parts of the skin, suitable for all kinds of skin, also can be used as a mask liquid, about 10 ml each use, bubble paper mask on the face of 10 ~ 15 minutes to remove the paper film, gently pat face make extra essence absorbed.
  • Buyer Tips

    1. We sold the products are cosmetic grade, only for external use, can not eat.
    2. With sensitive skin, please caution.
    3.Essential oils can not be taken orally.
    4.Closed cap, placed in ventilated, cool, dark place.
    5.The oil can not replace drugs.
    6.Patients suffering from high blood pressure, seizures, nerve and kidney diseases, please use caution before using aromatherapy is best to consult a therapist.

    Why Choose Plant Gift?
    • Plant Gift Nature & High Quality Secret.
    • Plant Gift is a natural plant essential oil production enterprises,GMP production workshop,imported equipment,extraction technology,a many of national safety inspection certificate,adhere to natural & high quality essential oils feedback customer.

    • Plant Gift products security detection.

    Excellent Effects Of Essential Oil.

    • It can infiltrate faster than ordinary skincare products by 70 times.
    • Promote the cell regeneration.
    • Repair the damaged cell tissues.
    • Moisture and brighten skin.

    Tips Of Essential Oil .
    • For external use only.
    • Pure essential oil can't be applied directly to the skin.because the purity of pure essential oil is 100%,It should be mixed with base oil for using.(you should smear lavender essential oil and tea tree oil for small area.)
    • If your skin is sensitive or you are allergic to aroma,You should do allergy test . The test method:Well mix a drop of pure essential oil with 3 drops of base oil to apply a little behind the ear or to smell.
    • It can not replace drugs.
    • Pregnant women and woman during menstrual period ues it with cautions.women in early stages of pregnancy can not use essential oil for massage or bathing.
    • Attention to the amount of usage.use proper amount of it . Excessive usage will make heavy burden to the body.
    • It should be stored in the dark glass bottle.avoid strong light and heat . Store it at room temperature. Don't put it in the fridge.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Don't put essential oil in the containers which are easily soluble or have color in them. Put essential oil in the stainless steel , Glass or porcelain to dilute.
    • Orange essential oil is photosensitive(Orange,Bergamot,Grapefruit and Lemon),It will mak e skin sensitive to UV. Sun protection and night use are recommend.

    Distribution & delivery
    • Plant Gift all products are free-shopping, We have set up in Singapore Post / PostNL / Sweden Post . If you need other express methods, Please contact with customer service staff online.
      Under normal circumstances, If you place contact with customer service staff online.

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    • if you are satisfied with our products,Please remember to give us 5 stars,as our reward.
    • Note:The dispatch time don't include the processing time(2 working days).
    • In rare cases,you shipment may take longer time to arrive due to the delay in custom clearance and public holidays.

Package Includes
1 x Free Shopping 100% Plant Material Extracts Cactus Extract Repair Radiation-resistant Whitening Skin Care

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